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Team George

Bernstein (Imp.)

Imported from Germany, licensed Hanoverian stallion Bernstein is available for breeding to approved mares.  His lineage includes Benicio and Florestan 1. Bernstein scored a 9 for his canter and possesses an amateur-friendly disposition, wrapped up in a beautiful liver chestnut coat with lots of bling to pass on to his progeny.

Pink Bouquets_edited_edited.jpg
Pink Bouquets_edited_edited.jpg

About Us

Team George is passionate about their number one goal of producing Olympic quality Dressage Warmbloods that will take Australia to the Olympic Games.  With an excellent eye for quality, team manager Lauren George has hand-picked many equine athletes that are excelling in the sport.


Oakridge Stables at Burbank is a luxuriously appointed, purpose-built equine acreage property, perfect for your next clinic.   The property has also been hired for feature length films, photoshoots and functions.

Pink Bouquets_edited_edited.jpg